The warmth and comfort of cashmere.

A sense of security wrapped in plenty of cashmere

Among the cashmere stole AZUSA series, this AZUSA is knitted in a bag and contains plenty of air to keep it warm, so you can stay warm even in the coming cold season. The 180 x 60 large format can cover the entire body, making it a great stole for cold weather when going out and as a haori for relaxing in the room.


 Itoi AZUSA [CLARIS CASHMERE 100%] 6 colors ¥ 38,500


The ultimate touch that you can't let go of once you use it.

A stall using baby cashmere, which is especially rare among cashmere. AZUSA-BC-S has a special texture unique to cashmere with fast clipping, and a superb touch that makes you want to touch it forever. Recommended stall for those who want to try baby cashmere for the first time. Why don't you "grow" baby cashmere that feels better year by year?

Itoi AZUSA-BC-S [BABY CASHMERE 100%] 3 colors ¥ 35,200


For an elegant and gorgeous accent

Fringe stole of cashmere fabric. With a size that is easy to match with business outerwear, it gently wraps around your neck. We have 6 bright colors. Try incorporating it as a point in winter coordination, which tends to be dark.

 Cashmere fringe muffler [Cashmere 100%] 6colors


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