CHESS wool semi-flared skirt

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Color: Gray

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Made from 100% Toyobo's original wool. It features a swelling feeling peculiar to wool and a warm texture. A knit skirt with a beautiful three-dimensional flare created by WHOLEGARMENT. The flare that spreads toward the hem beautifully covers the body line, making it even more stylish. The simple design that expands the range of styling is also attractive. It goes well with trendy long boots and is an item you'll want to add to your wardrobe this year.

Color Smoke
Ruby (Dark_red)
M Gray
Material 100% wool
Thread name CHESS
Yarn count
Thread count
(Number of threads)
1 ply
gauge 15G
thickness usually
weight* 211g
care Dry cleaning

* Average value of standard size (M etc.). Think only approx. 

size Total Length West Hem width
One Size 70 31.5 75

** Please refer to the Sizing page for how to measure the AH armhole width size.

As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent. 

Made In Japan

2/30 yarn using an average fineness of 18 micron or less, is the most popular wool of Toyoboshi. It is relatively thin as a wool yarn, and popular because of its perfection and good balance, used in many products.
Many people are surprised at the lightness of the product when they pick it up. It has a different texture from cashmere  featuring "spongish" feel, a light touch with a lot of air like sponge. By blending several types of carefully selected hair, we have created a well-balanced thread that combines strength with lightness and soft, elastic touch. Combined with the ease of handling, it is a thread that can be used in a variety of situations.

Read more about TOYOBOSHI WOOL

 Length: A Width: B Shoulder width: C Sleeve length: D Sleeve length G Hem width: E AH: F AH2: H



Total length: L West: M Hips: N Inseam: P Hem width: O

For small items, in principle, the value is obtained by measuring the distance of a straight line in a flat position.
As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent.
Even products of the same type and size may differ slightly depending on the individual.

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