Linen mixed front and back 2Way French sleeve pullover

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Color: Pale_beige

Front and rear reversible 2-way pullover that can be used according to the scene and mood. The design that calculates the fit around the waist and the French sleeve that covers the shoulders and makes the upper arm look slender create an elegant adult casual look. The swelling texture and natural coloring that make use of the texture of linen are also attractive.

Color Low white (Pale_beige)
Material Hemp 50% Wool 30% Rayon 20%
Yarn count
Thread count
(Number of threads)

gauge 8G
Knitting Molding
thickness usually
weight* 200g
care Dry cleaning

* Average value of standard size (M etc.). Think only approx. 

size Length Width AH ** shoulder width
2 60 47 13 50

** Please refer to the Sizing page for how to measure the AH armhole width size.

As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent. 

Made In Japan

 Length: A Width: B Shoulder width: C Sleeve length: D Sleeve length G Hem width: E AH: F AH2: H



Total length: L West: M Hips: N Inseam: P Hem width: O

For small items, in principle, the value is obtained by measuring the distance of a straight line in a flat position.
As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent.
Even products of the same type and size may differ slightly depending on the individual.

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