CHESS Wool Pile Knit Pants

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Pile knitting is a knitting technique that creates loops outside of the surface knitting pattern, creating a three-dimensional effect like the pile fabric of a towel. Twisted yarn is used on the surface, and single yarn is used on the back as loops and fastening yarn. Unlike a pseudo pile, if one yarn is pulled out, the entire pile will not be pulled out.

There are only a limited number of knitwear factories that can produce this pile knitting technique, and this series was created in collaboration with a domestic factory that possesses this technique.

Using CHESS wool, which has a sense of fullness, the garment is characterized by its lightness and spongy feel that envelops the wearer while creating a sense of volume.
The cuffs and hem can be folded over to accentuate the pile knitting, allowing you to enjoy a variety of coordination. It can be worn as a set-up, making it a relaxing wear that is not too casual.

With its simple cropped silhouette and elastic waistband for easy on and off, this piece is surprisingly easy to wear. The soft and fluffy texture warms up your waist and even your mind when you tend to get cold.

Color Navy
Dark brown (Brown)
material 100% wool
Thread name CHESS
Yarn count
2/30, 1/30
Thread count
(Number of threads)
gauge 8G
Knitting Fully fashioined
thickness Slightly thick
weight* 252g
care Dry cleaning

* Average value of standard size (M etc.). Think only approx. 


size Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length AH ** Hem width
M 60 53 55 43 17 56
L 62 56 58 45 18 59


** Please refer to the Sizing page for how to measure the AH armhole width size.

As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent. 

Made In Japan

The wearing image is a reference color.


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