TZ-EF Cashmere Limited Edition Large Rib Stole II

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Color: Red

TZ-EF Limited Edition Special Limited Series

A special limited edition series so that you can feel the quality of TOYOBOSHI cashmere yarn on as many opportunities as possible. There are many types of cashmere yarn from TOYOBOSHI, but all are high quality yarns that are carefully spun from selected raw materials. This TZ-EF series boasts a soft and smooth texture unique to cashmere. This is a special limited edition item that can be recommended as first cashmere or for everyday use. Only TOYOBOSHI can offer cashmere of this quality at this price. Please pick it up, use it, wash it at home **, and feel its quality.

Large format rib stall fine yarn count version

The lightness of cashmere stands out in the volume and presence of the bulky double-sided rib. Although it is a large size that can completely wrap your body, it has a light, fluffy and soft texture that makes you feel a gentle warmth.

The difference from DSK-001 is the "count (thickness of thread)". This version uses 32 count yarn, which is slightly finer than the 27 count yarn of DSK-001, and is knitted more carefully with the same design. While maintaining the fluffy texture, the rib spacing is slightly narrowed to create a clean silhouette (see the white knitted fabric comparison image).
In addition, the color of red is a bright and gorgeous color that can be said to be a standard red compared to orange red of 001.

Color Off-white (White)
Brown (Light_brown)
Ice grey (Ice_grey)
material 100% cashmere
Thread name TZ-EF
Yarn count
Thread count
(Number of threads)
1 ply
gauge 12G
Knitting Fully rashioned
thickness Slightly thick
weight* 370g
care Dry cleaning recommended

* Average value of standard size (M etc.). Think only approx.


size length width
One  190 75


Differences of several percent may occur in the measured values. 

** Please refer to how to care for cashmere. 

Made In Japan

[Price 31,900 yen]

 Length: A Width: B Shoulder width: C Sleeve length: D Sleeve length G Hem width: E AH: F AH2: H



Total length: L West: M Hips: N Inseam: P Hem width: O

For small items, in principle, the value is obtained by measuring the distance of a straight line in a flat position.
As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent.
Even products of the same type and size may differ slightly depending on the individual.

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