Baby cashmere 100% handicraft thread

100% baby cashmere handicraft thread for individuals 

Toyoboshi started cashmere spinning for the first time in Japan in 1930, and has been producing high quality cashmere yarn for business since then. We are pleased to announce that we have started selling handicraft threads for individuals so that you can enjoy knitting baby cashmere at home. The finest cashmere that is supported by the world's famous maisons-BABY CASHMERE TOYO BOSHI®. You can knit your own finest knit.



1. Industry's first
Among the cashmere called textile jewels, we made yarn balls with 100% baby cashmere, which is even more valuable. This will be the first personal sale in the domestic spinning industry.

2. Everything has the best texture
Softness, smoothness, and unique luster that you can see when you pick it up.
Baby cashmere is thinner, lighter and has an elegant luster than cashmere. It is a luxurious and valuable material that is warm due to its high density and high air content, and you can feel the good quality with its smoothness and softness when you pick it up.

3. Quality that tradition and technology are proud of
Toyoboshi's cashmere, in addition to its history and tradition, has earned the trust of many business partners for its high quality. Procurement of rare high-quality raw materials, unique spinning equipment, and craftsmanship backed by tradition produce the highest quality yarn that has a beautiful finish and does not easily lose its shape.



Name: BABY CASHMERE TOYOBOSHI® Baby cashmere yarn ball

Release date: August 1, 2020

Selling price: 7,200 yen + tax

Specifications: Material / 100% cashmere needle / No. 8 knitting / 16-18 stitches 23-25 steps  
    50g Tamamaki (approx. 75m)

Color: 4 colors Navy, camel, gray, pale beige

Sale: TOYOBOSHI online shop 

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Available only at this online shop.

Baby cashmere handled by Toyoboshi is made by collecting and trimming the first collected hair from cashmere goats under 12 months old. Even in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, where cashmere is produced, we have signed exclusive contracts with leading companies that have a long track record and are supplied with carefully selected raw materials. Only a few companies in the world can buy this high quality raw wool. BABY CASHMERE TOYOBOSHI® is a registered trademark of Toyoboshi.

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