Credit card

Accepted cards are VISA, Master Card, American Express, and JCB.

Amazon Pay (Japan)

Please select the Amazon Pay button and proceed.
You can specify the Amazon registered address as the shipping address, so there is no need to enter it separately.

How to use Amazon Pay (Amazon site in Japanese)


Select "Smartphone payment (QR code)".

How to use PayPay (PayPay site) 

Convenience store payment (prepayment)

Please select "Convenience store payment - KOMOJU". Please note that a fee of 190 yen will be added to the total amount. (The 190 yen fee will not be shown on the total amount at checkout or on the delivery details.) If payment is not made within 7 days, the order will be automatically cancelled.

  • family mart
  • Lawson
  • ministop
  • Daily Yamazaki

If you pay at a convenience store, it may take some time to confirm your payment. If you cancel or return the product after paying at the convenience store, it will be transferred to your bank account. A transfer fee of 600 yen will be charged for cancellations and returns due to customer convenience. (You can also ask TOYOBOSHI online shop gift card for a refund without any fees.)

Payments are handled by professional payment settlement companies. The merchant name on the credit card statement may include "ST* ONLINE PAYMENT" or "KOMOJU".
credit card andAmazon Pay・PayPay. Regarding the timing of payment withdrawal from your bank accout and the timing of refund when canceling an order, please check with the credit card company,Amazon Pay or PayPayPlease..