PIARA-SAPNAA Cashmere Melange Yarn



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Color: Beige

A traditional knit material that allows you to re-excavate the charm of cashmere. A 100% cashmere heather yarn ball made by combining Toyobo's PIARA and SAPNAA. Heather thread is a thread made by twisting two or more threads with different colors and thicknesses, and the unique shade creates a gentle look on the knitted fabric. The yarns of PIARA 26th and SAPNAA 20th are combined by a unique method, and are characterized by a smooth and moist feel when knitted. The thickness is about average, so it is a slightly thick knitted fabric, and it is a yarn with a wide range of applications that shines in a classic design.

Color Blue
Gray (Charcoal)
Red system (Red)
Material 100% cashmere
Thread name PIARA-SAPNAA
specification Knitting needles 5-6
Crocodile 4/0 ~ 5/0
50g Tamamaki (approx. 75m)
care Hand washable

As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent.

Made In Japan 

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 着丈:A 身幅:B 肩幅:C 袖丈:D 裄丈G 裾幅:E AH:F AH2:H



総丈:L ウェスト:M ヒップ:N 股下:P 裾幅:O


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