Cashmere knit mask cover

Convenient and warm mask cover using 100% domestic finest cashmere

Toyoboshi Kogyo Co., Ltd. has started selling knit mask covers using original 100% cashmere yarn.

You can use it effectively as a gauze mask sleeping at home and as a point of daily coordination where wearing a mask becomes a daily routine. It has moderate breathability, and in the spring and autumn it keeps the mouth moisturized and warm, and in the cold season it is thin but also works as a cold protection accessory due to the power of cashmere that contains air.

■ Product name CLARIS cashmere knit mask cover

■ Features of CLARIS cashmere knit mask cover

1. 1. Utilize gauze masks and non-woven masks
The standard gauze mask is relatively small in size and has a flat design, so when you talk or move your facial muscles, the gap tends to be noticeable. By attaching this mask cover, the area * that covers the nose and mouth will be expanded, and the fit will be improved.
* The mask cover does not prevent the invasion of viruses and pollen.

2. The point of coordination with 100% cashmere of the highest quality
Toyoboshi's original 100% cashmere yarn "CLARIS" is luxuriously knitted with WHOLE GARMENT®. We have prepared basic and elegant colors that are typical of cashmere, so you can use it in the business scene as an accessory that does not stand out too much according to your coordination.

3. 3. Simply stop the 4 buttons to expand the usage scene with easy installation
Simply put the cover and mask on top of each other and stop the buttons in 4 places for easy installation and quick preparation. Since the mask string that also attaches the ear strap is used, it can be worn neatly without any backlash.

 How to put on the mask cover
Place the mask with the buttoned side facing up, wrap it around the ear strap, and hang the buttons in four places.



■ Product overview

Name: CLARIS cashmere knit mask cover
Release date: September 17, 2020
Selling price: 3,900 yen + tax
Material: 100% cashmere
Color: 3 colors, navy, white, gray
Size: M / L
Laundry: Hand washable
Country of origin: Made in Japan 
Sale: TOYOBOSHI online shop

 ■ Toyoboshi's original yarn CLARIS
Toyoboshi's original yarn CLARIS is a 30th count 100% cashmere yarn. Among the carefully selected cashmere raw materials, it is made using the highest class selected. A graceful and strong thread with a good balance of warmth and sharpness.
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