KHAAS ALASHAN Cashmere Worsted yarn


Cashmere is generally associated with winter clothing, but our KHAAS is a highly versatile cashmere that can be worn in all seasons.

KHAAS is characterized by two points: 1) 100% ALASHAN cashmere and 2) Woolen yarn.

ALASHAN Cashmere
The raw wool carded from cashmere goats raised in the Alashan region of China is known for its long pile and fine fibers. The downy hair, which is produced to survive the harsh cold of midwinter in a climate with severe temperature differences, is traded at the highest price in China every year due to its quality and rarity, and is the finest cashmere among cashmere.

Worsted Yarn

Cashmere is spun in two ways: Worsted and Woolen.
In the Woolen spinning process, the fibers, including the shorter raw fiber, are spun without adjusting the direction, while maintaining the crimp. The surface of the yarn is fluffy because the yarn is twisted loosely to take advantage of its softness, allowing it to contain more air. Woolen yarns are suitable for fluffy cashmere for winter, and our cashmere yarns are mainly Woolen yarns.

On the other hand, Worsted yarns are made by repeatedly combing and stretching long fibers and arranging them in parallel. The directional alignment of the fibers results in less fluff and finer, smoother yarns. The surface of the yarn also has a glossy texture, giving it a sharp impression. The fibers are less tangled, which also makes it relatively difficult for pilling to occur.

In addition to the fineness and smoothness of Worsted yarn, KHAAS is characterized by becoming fluffy and soft as you wear it. The feeling that the hardness in the sharpness is removed and it blends into the skin is similar to the cashmere sweater made of woolen yarn.  We hope you will enjoy the change in texture as you wash with cashmere shampoo.

The light texture produced by high-quality and delicate threads gently wraps your body with luxurious softness in the cold season of spring, on chilly days in the rainy season, on trains in midsummer, and indoors with air conditioning.

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