MAYUCA® Wearing / Laundry Staff Report

MAYUCA®着用・お洗濯 スタッフレポート

MAYUCA® wearing / washing report by Toyoboshi staff

Toyoboshi original, washable silk MAYUCA®. The staff actually wore and washed the MAYUCA® products that are perfect for the coming season.

Report # 1

item: Men's MAYUCA Polo Shirt New!
SKU: CASI-2110
Color: Black 
Size: L

Feeling of seeing and touching and wearing

Unlike cotton, it slides around the collar well and does not get caught, so you can wear it without stress even if you press the button up to the top. Can be used in various situations such as jacket-in and remote meetings

The touch was cooler and more airy than I expected, and I was able to wear it like a T-shirt. Moderate tightening of the hem ribs had the surprising effect of creating an exquisite margin in the abdomen and not picking up the tummy line. Also, compared to other 100% silk, MAYUCA® was more familiar to the skin because the surface was not too smooth.

(The photo was taken after washing 3 times without ironing)

Height: 176 cm


I tried washing with a washing machine.

  • Washing machine weak (dry delicate) mode 
  • Tap water
  • Square laundry net specifications of about 40 x 40
  • Detergent Uses a commercially available neutral detergent
  • Spread horizontally on a flat-drying net and air dry in a shaded and well-ventilated place.

* Dark colors may slightly add color to the water.

The first and second times, wash the net with a laundry fold. The third time, put it inside out on the net and wash it. * I think it was harder to wrinkle when washed inside out.

Immediately after drying

Impressions after washing 3 times. Even after washing, there were some wrinkles on the ribs, but the others were not so noticeable. The ribs are also shaped when you stretch them with your fingers, and you may not need an iron.


After washing and after retouching
(State after fixing the rib part by hand)

Report # 2

item: MAYUCA Silk Round Neck Pullover
SKU: CASI-2011
Color: navy 
Size: L

Feeling of seeing and touching and wearing

The luster is modest, and it looks like cotton when you look a little further away, but you can tell the difference by touching it. It has a moist and supple feel and a thick feel. It has a silky feel, and it feels a little chilly, probably because the temperature is still low (mid-March).
It is light and refreshing to wear. Although it has a high gauge and simple design, it is made relatively loosely so you can wear it very relaxed. Since it has half sleeves, it gives a "neat" impression even in the hot season, and it seems to be useful in online meetings.

(The photo is worn once after washing and ironing)

Height: 164 cm


I tried to wash my hands.

  • About 10 liters of tap water in the sink.
  • Toyoboshi cashmere shampoo about 10 ml used
  • There were no particular stains, so gently press and wash the whole for about 2 minutes *
  • Rinse water change twice
  • Drain lightly, put it in the net, and use the dehydration function of the washing machine for about 1 minute.
  • Spread horizontally on a flat-drying net and air dry overnight in the bathroom

* Dark colors may slightly add color to the water.

Immediately after drying

I forgot the fabric softener this time, but it doesn't fluff and feels the same. (Please use fabric softener and wash it)

Wrinkles have appeared after washing, so iron them to fix them.
The set temperature is low to medium temperature. Move the iron in a short time so that you can stroke it quickly without pressing it strongly.
I tried it with and without steam. As a result, the appearance does not change so much, but I felt that the steam ants had a slightly more calm fabric.

After ironing

The sizing has a little extra space, so it looks like it spreads out sideways, but when you wear it, it almost never loses its shape, and it is restored to a safe wearing rotation.

The pullover is thinner and has a higher gauge than the polo shirt, so it seems that wrinkles are likely to appear after washing. Ironing takes a short time without wrinkles and shapes, so I thought it was relatively easy to clean.

This report is a personal experience and impression of each staff member, but we hope that you will refer to it.
If you are worried about washing at home, or if you want a more precise finish, leave it to a reliable dry cleaner.

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