PIARA is a gem of Toyoboshi yarns made from high-quality cashmere raw wool, using the technology accumulated over many years and the time-consuming but sophisticated manufacturing method. It is the oldest of Toyoboshi cashmere and has enthusiastic fans inside and outside. The beauty of the knitted stitches, the smooth and soft texture, and the durability that can be used for many years, truly a world first-class product.

Quality benchmark

Toyoboshi produces multiple cashmere yarns, and quality standards are set for each according to the application. Since the raw material is natural fiber, it is not so easy to maintain this standard every year. Even raw wool of the same rank may have slightly different characteristics due to the influence of weather and other environments. Mechanically following the manufacturing method is not enogh to reach the set level. In order to maintain quality standards, it is necessary to devise ways to change the blend and composition of raw materials and fine-tune the process. In other words, first of all, there is a goal and we calculate back to reach it, but this is also a method that can not be done without long experience in cashmere spinning.
In addition, PIARA is characterized by a high degree of thread balancing. By gently opening the fiber (1) to prevent damage to the delicate raw material, a beautiful thread with few irregularities on the thread surface can be created.

Low temperature processing technology

Toyoboshi has low-temperature processing technology that minimizes the effect on fibers during dyeing. Normally, the higher the dyeing temperature, the faster the color will be applied and the more uniform the dyeing will be, but high temperature dyeing will damage the delicate cashmere fibers. The smooth texture of cashmere fibers can be preserved by low-temperature dyeing and drying using this uniquely developed processing technology.

PIARA is created by carefully selected raw material blending, time-consuming spinning and dyeing technology, and the texture of the knitted fabric is beautiful, moist, soft and smooth to the touch. Furthermore, the unique texture increases over the years. PIARA does not lose its shape due to wearing or washing (2), and it is a product that can be used habitually for many years as both outing wear and everyday knitwear.