PIARA is a gem of Toyoboshi, made from carefully selected raw materials among high-quality cashmere raw wool, using techniques accumulated over many years and a manufacturing method that spares no effort. PIARA is the oldest of Toyoboshi cashmere and has enthusiastic fans inside and outside. The beauty of the knitted "eyes", the smooth and soft texture, and the durability that can be used for many years are world-class products.

Quality standards

Toyoboshi produces multiple cashmere yarns, and quality standards are set for each according to the purpose and application. Since the raw material is natural fiber, it is not so easy to maintain this standard every year. Even raw wool of the same rank may have slightly different characteristics due to the influence of weather and other environments, and the finish will be different if only the fixed  manufacturing procedures are followed. In order to maintain quality standards, it is necessary to devise ways to change the blending of raw materials and fine-tune the process. In other words, it needs to calculate back to reach the goal, but this is also a method that cannot be achieved without long experience in cashmere spinning.
In addition, PIARA is characterized by a high degree of thread balance. By gently opening the fiber (1) to prevent damage to the fibers of delicate raw materials, a beautiful thread with few irregularities on the thread surface is completed.

Low temperature processing technology

Toyoboshi also has low-temperature processing technology that minimizes the effect on fibers during dyeing. Normally, the higher the dyeing temperature, the faster the color will be applied and the more uniform the dyeing will be, but high-temperature dyeing will damage the delicate cashmere fibers.
The smooth texture of cashmere fibers can be preserved by low-temperature dyeing and drying using this uniquely developed processing technology.

PIRARA is created by carefully selected raw material blending, time-consuming spinning and dyeing technology, and the texture of the knitted fabric is beautiful, moist, soft and smooth to the touch, and the unique texture increases over the years. PIARA does not lose its shape due to wearing or washing (2), and it is a product that you can use for many years as knitwear for everyday use.

 Making and knitting "WHOLE GARMENT®"


 WHOLGARMENT®, which has become more common in the market in recent years, is a 3D knitwear that is knitted without sewing. The big difference from the "fully fashioned" that is made by sewing the parts of the knitted fabric is the method of knitting one product in three dimensions at once. This technology is a patent of Shima Seiki, which is also the parent company of Toyoboshi. Complex three-dimensional designs such as darts, have become possible. It features a clean line with no sewn parts and comfort without a feeling of tension.

 Knitted by THE ENGINEER

 WHOLEGARMENT® is a convenient technique for knitting a sweater in a small number of processes, but programming knowledge and equipment handling experience are required to improve the completeness of the design and achieve a stable finish. This time, "Knit Engineer", the professional among WHOLE GARMENT® professionals who was a lead designer of planning  and making design samples of WHOLE GARMENT® at Shima Seiki, was in charge of everything from overall advice to fine adjustment.

 Making the best use of the goodness of WHOLE GARMENT®

 Knitted by WHOLE GARMENT technology, a refreshing style with little sewn stiches. Three darts that wrap around the shoulders are nicley placed, and reinforcements are set under the armpits to increase durability against arm movements and friction. The feature is that there is no sewing = no stitching, means the ease of movement. There is almost no "sliding up" when you raise your arm or move a lot, and the feeling of wearing is improved. Overall, while following the standard basic style, the sleeves and length are slightly longer and relatively loose, keeping in mind the current trend.


Around the neck

  •  The turtleneck can be said to be the style that maximizes the benefits of WHOLE GARMENT®. Since the neck part is knitted continuously from the body, the range of motion is widened without the feeling of tension caused by the stitched threads.
  •  Crew neck: A style with a separate collar and the benefits of fully fashioned. The stability of the shape and the strength against the burden of putting on and taking off are also improved.




PIARA 100% Cashmere New Classic Turtleneck Pullover


PIARA 100% Cashmere New Classic Crew Neck Pullover


In the future, we would like to work with our customers to create this new standard item while reflecting the opinions received from everyone. We would appreciate it if you could give us a review.


(1) The process of unraveling the fiber bundle to make it easier to spin 
(2) Please refer to the proper washing method