Baby Cashmere Baby Gift Set

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Color: Pale_beige

A gift set packed with baby products made from Baby Cashmere. Not only the luxury and warmth unique to Baby Cashmere, but also a set of products that are gentle and smooth to the touch. (A gift bag made of 100% Baby Cashmere and a limited pamphlet are included.) Recommended for baby gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.

Color Pale beige (Pale_beige)
Material 100% cashmere
Yarn count
Thread count
(Number of threads)
1 ply
gauge 8G / 12G
Knitting Fully fashioned
weight* g
care Dry cleaning recommended

* Average value of standard size (M etc.). Think only approx.

About the model baby
3 and a half months
Height about 60 cm
Weight about 7 kg
The usual wearing size is 70 size (at the time of shooting)
Baby in the image with ★
4 and a half months
Height about 63 cm
Weight about 6.5 kg
(At the time of shooting)

As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent.
Made In Japan

Baby Cashmere TOYO BOSHI®

Baby cashmere is a very rare and luxurious fiber that is thinner and lighter than regular cashmere.
You can feel its high quality with its special softness, smoothness, and elegant luster that you can easily recognize when you pick it up.
Although it is a delicate material, it can be used habitually for a long time if handled properly.
Baby cashmere handled by Toyoboshi is made by collecting and trimming the first collected hair from cashmere goats under 12 months old. Even in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, where cashmere is produced, we have signed exclusive contracts with leading companies that have a long track record and are supplied with carefully selected raw materials. Only a few companies in the world can buy this high quality raw wool.

BABY CASHMERE TOYOBOSHI® is a registered trademark of Toyoboshi.

 Length: A Width: B Shoulder width: C Sleeve length: D Sleeve length G Hem width: E AH: F AH2: H



Total length: L West: M Hips: N Inseam: P Hem width: O

For small items, in principle, the value is obtained by measuring the distance of a straight line in a flat position.
As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent.
Even products of the same type and size may differ slightly depending on the individual.

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