Outfit ideas

おすすめコーディネート 2022 初秋

Finally, the cool air of the mornings and evenings makes us feel the arrival of autumn.

Here are some recommended outfits for this changing season. You can enjoy casual comfort while being elegant with a retro taste.

KHAAS ALASHAN Cashmere V-neck cardigan & crew neck half sleeve pullover

A set of rib-like high gauge cardigan and a half-sleeve pullover knitted from rare ALASHAN cashmere. The bright brown on the bottom creates a nice autmn color combination with the tops gray. The high heel t ighten the relaxed silhouette of the pants and gives the whole look an elegant finish.



Washable 100% silk MAYUCA's V-neck cardigan has a classic design that goes well with any style. The refreshing contrast of the navy combined with the bright green is eye-catching. The feet are paired with sneakers for a casual look.


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