Hand Knitted Sweater


Asweater hand-knitted with our cashmere heather yarn balls. It is a "masterpiece" sweater using several types of front and back stitch patterns. Relatively large size suitable for men but also great for women to wear it comfortably. Feel the soft, warm texture and smooth fit.

Knitting Charts are available, so why not start knitting for the next winter?

Hand-knitted sweater

Color: Blue
Weight: Approximately 450g
About 9 balls

Click here for Knitting Charts

PIARA-SAPNAA Cashmere heather yarn ball

A traditional knit material that allows you to re-excavate the charm of cashmere. A 100% cashmere heather yarn ball made by combining Toyoboshi's PIARA and SAPNAA, twisting two or more threads of different colors and thicknesses, and the unique shade creates a gentle look on the knitted fabric.  The twisting process is our own method characterized by their smooth and moist texture. The thickness is moderate good for a wide range of items.

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