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Wool made by Toyoboshi 
High-quality yarn "CHESS & CAPRI" produced by a special manufacturing method 

Wool is one of the most used natural fibers for clothing. As a material with excellent elasticity, hygroscopicity, and heat retention, it has been close to people's lives for a long time. In recent years, wool with various features has appeared on the market, but Toyoboshi develops high-quality and unique wool yarn based on the technology and experience cultivated in cashmere spinning.

Wool quality and knitwear

Wool for clothing is generally 17 to 40 micron in diameter. Wool, like cashmere, is rare in that it is long and thin, which makes it smoother and softer to the touch. On the other hand, due to its fineness, it requires careful handling when spinning. In some cases, the delicacy of the knitted fabric is proportional to its pilling tendency. Also, bulky and thick designs kniwear is popular, and fine yarns are not always the best choice for such garments. There are many types of wool yarns with different thicknesses, twists, and other expressions to meet a variety of uses and preferences.

Toyoboshi's CHESS and CAPRI

The wool produced by Toyoboshi utilizes the facilities and knowledge of cashmere spinning to achieve a texture that makes the most of the characteristics of each raw wool and a high quality that can be used for many years.


CHESS is a 30-count yarn made from raw wool with an average fineness of 18 microns or less, which is representative of TOYOBOSHI yarn wool. It is relatively fine for a wool yarn for knitwear, and is very popular for its perfection and balance, and is used in many products.
Many people are surprised at the lightness of the yarn when they pick it up. The texture is different from that of cashmere, and if I had to describe it, I would say it is "spongy", with a light, puffy touch that contains a lot of air like a sponge. By blending several kinds of carefully selected wools, we have created a well-balanced yarn that is light with strength, and soft and elastic with fullness. This is a yarn that can be used in a variety of situations due to its easy handling.

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CAPRI is a delicate and graceful wool yarn made from a rare raw wool of less than 16 microns, which is extremely fine for wool. 40 count wool yarn for knitting is rare and boasts a cashmere like texture.
One of the most notable features of this yarn is its spinning process, in which the ultra-fine fibers are spun using a special cashmere spinning machine, which is available in a limited number of TOYOBOSHI factories. In a sense, the process is the opposite of efficient, as it takes longer and more careful processing and finishing than normal wool spinning. However, the finished CAPRI is soft and supple, thin and light like combed wool, but with the fullness and warmth of spun wool.

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Comments from Toyoboshi staff

As a spinning company, Toyoboshi supplies yarn to various business partners. We talked to the staff who are active as sales staff about CHESS and CAPRI from a business perspective.

Toyoboshi Co., Ltd. Sales Shibata


CAPRI uses a rare raw material among wool, so the price range is relatively high, but there are several companiers who buy it in large lots. When asked what are the thig they liked about CAPRI, it seems that the soft and smooth texture is the decisive factor. For example, it is difficult to convey the feel of cashmere on a mail order that you cannot actually pick up, but the knitwear with CAPRI is a product that can impress the customer instantly when it arrives. We received comments that the quality does not disappoint our customers' expectations.


CHESS is the most popular wool yarn. It is a versatile player with a wide range of applicability. The texture of the knitted fabric differs depending on the count (thickness of the thread), how many threads are combined, how many gauges are used for knitting, etc., but CHESS is useful because there are many applicable patterns. For example, the number of yarns to be twisted is easy to knit with any combination of 2 (double yarn) and 3 (triple yarn), and the gauge range is wide, so the products knitted with CHESS have various "faces". The range of design is so wide that you can't tell that it was knitted with the same thread. In addition, the number of threads that can be handled by a knit knitting machine is determined by each device, but as CHESS can be made into different yarn counts, is easy to handle even from the manufacturing side.
Of course, the quality of final product is the most important for general customers and it is also endorsed. A designer who has a business relationship with us loves sweaters knitted with CHESS, he said that the texture does not change and the shape does not change over time. I got similar comments from multiple people, not just one! The difficulty of losing its shape is often praised with other threads, and I think it is one of the important advantages of our thread.

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