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Although the days of not letting go of masks continue, Toyoboshi offers masks that make use of original materials, as well as items that are useful for protecting against the cold, antibacterial properties, and improving comfort.

New product MAYUCA Washable Silk Mask II 

M / L size with nose wire, perfect smooth version

We knit with WHOLE GARMENT using our washable silk MAYUCA. A nose wire is attached to the 1st version MAYUCA mask to improve the fit. Compared to MAYUCA Mask III, the slightly tighter stitches and clean finish give it a smoother feel with a silky feel. It is effective for moisturizing and protecting against the cold with a feeling of wearing along the entire cheek.

New product MAYUCA Washable Silk Mask III 

One size with nose wire, loose and plump version

There are two main differences from MAYUCA Mask II: size and texture. The coverage of the mouth of the mask is rather large, and there is room in the ear hook. It is comfortable to wear and can be worn in one size unisex.
The texture is soft and fluffy in consideration of cold weather.
Due to the slightly sweet knitted fabric, a slight fluffiness may be noticeable. If you lightly remove the fluff on the surface with a commercially available fluff remover or scissors after washing, you may not be bothered.

CLARIS cashmere knit mask cover

A convenient and warm mask cover woven from the finest domestic cashmere 100% CLARIS. It is a convenient design that can be layered on a gauze mask or non-woven mask. Although it is thin, it covers the mouth firmly and warmly with the air-containing power of cashmere.

Antibacterial sheet for mask INFIL 

A new material developed by Toyoboshi. An antibacterial 4-layer protein filter for masks made of PLA (polylactic acid) and silk. It has high water retention, is comfortable to wear, and is useful as an inner sheet for masks in all seasons. One of the major features is biodegradability, which emphasizes ecology.
In addition, it prevents the inner layer such as a cloth mask from sticking to the nose and mouth, improving the wearing feeling.


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