Knit pants


New release of seasonal knit pants.
We knit it carefully using Toyoboshi's proud yarn.
A must-have for winter, boasting warm and soothing comfort and stylish, beautiful lines.

3) COLCHIS wool knit jogger pants
A casual-like piece with an airy feel that makes the most of COLCHIS's plump texture. Combined with a long coat, it will make you feel more like this year.

Unisex size available

4) TZ-EF cashmere knit jogger pants
Taking advantage of the softness and texture of cashmere, we knit it with 2ply (two pieces) to give it a moderate thickness. It makes the silhouette of the pants look beautiful and expands the range of coordination.Every time you wear it, you will feel the warmth and heal your heart.

Unisex size available


Male model 176 cm size 4


Female model 167 cm wearing size 2

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