Baby cashmere is a very rare and luxurious fiber that is thinner and lighter than cashmere, which is often referred to as a jewel of fiber. With its special softness, smoothness, and elegant luster that you can easily recognize when you pick it up, it warms your mind and body.




Thread clothing AMA [BABY CASHMERE 100%] Turtleneck pullover

Loose and supple comfort. It warms the neck with a gentle touch.

Itoi HANASE [BABY CASHMERE 100%] Crew neck pocket cardigan 

The delicate warmth of baby cashmere is layered on top of each other, creating a luxurious atmosphere that is wrapped in delicate softness.It is the first place. 


Itoi UTSUGI [BABY CASHMERE 100%] Mock neck pullover

The three-dimensional molding by WHOLEGARMENT enhances the delicate and soft texture of baby cashmere with a simple and beautiful silhouette without seams.


Itoi ASAYO [BABY CASHMERE 100%] V-neck pullover 

100% baby cashmere V-neck pullover. Because it is a special BABY CASHMERE, it is a classic model that fits into any everyday scene.

Online only] BABY CASHMERE Semi-flared pants  

 Not only for going out, but also as the best relaxing wear at home.


BABY CASHMERE crew neck cardigan 

Although it is a basic crew neck cardigan, by knitting the calculated pattern with WHOLEGARMENT, we have realized a clean silhouette that gently snuggles up to the line of the body. 

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