Color Palette

差し色が映えるカラーコーデ・Color Palette

We have collected the colors that brighten up your style in the cold season.

Materials, designs, silhouettes, styles, trends, are important elements when choosing clothes, also why not focus on the "color" that suits you?

Your favorite color will energize you.
The bright colors also reflect the area around the face nicely, giving the skin a sense of transparency and clear impression.


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Bright color secret-E-FILU processing

Threads with "EF" in the color name, such as "Blue_greenEF", are processed by our E-FILU technology.
E-FILU is a technology unique to Toyoboboshi focused on "maintaining and reproducing fibers in the state they were just born". Every spinning process has been devised to reduce and recover fiber damage. E-FILU technology produces special yarns with excellent color development, and keeps the bright colors for a long tine.

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