Color Palette

We have collected the colors that are useful in the cold season.

Fashion coordination is completed by materials, designs, silhouettes, styles, trends, and various other elements, but sometimes why not focus on the "color" that suits you?

Your favorite color will energize the wearer.
The bright colors also reflect the area around the face brightly, giving the skin a sense of transparency and making it look beautiful, giving the impression of being clear.

I want to relieve my feelings of sinking and spend my days brightly and positively.


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CHESS wool crew neck pullover
¥22,000 → Coupon application ¥ 19,800  


CHESS wool bag drape tunic
¥24,200 → Coupon application ¥ 21,780  


Itoi AZUSA-S [CASHMERE 100%] Stall
¥26,400 → Coupon application ¥ 23,760  


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Bright color secret-E-FILU processing

Threads with "EF" in the color name, such as "Moegi (Pink EF)", are processed by our E-FILU.
E-FILU is Toyobo's unique technology that was conceived with an eye on "maintaining and reproducing fibers in the state they were just born". Every spinning process has been devised to reduce and recover fiber damage. E-FILU technology produces special yarns with excellent color development, swelling, and light fastness that does not easily fade bright colors.