CLARIS Cashmere Single Yarn Turtleneck Pullover

CLARIS Cashmere Single Yarn Knitwear

CLARIS Cashmere Single Yarn Turtleneck Pullover

A light and airy pullover with a single yarn as we received an inquiry from a customer that if we could make a thin and light cashmere knit like gauze. A normal knit uses twin yarns made by twisting two yarns, but by knitting with a single yarn, thin, light and fluffy knit was born.

The yarn for this product is CLARIS which is characterized by its delicate smoothness. A very simple raglan sleeve turtleneck is knitted with WHOLE GARMENT. With no armholes and a design that makes it easy to move your arms, you can wear it as an inner without feeling any stress.

And the subtle skewing specific to single yarn knit becomes an exquisite accent, and is also a point that is each product's finish is slightly different. We would like as many people as possible to experience the cashmere that can be worn with bare skin; made with high-quality yarn. This product is created together with a domestic knit factory with high technology and skills.

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