Notes to Cashmere knit washing


Some cashmere knits can be washed at home *.
Spring is just around the corner,  why not wash and refresh your sweater you've worn in the winter? Introducing points to remember when washing cashmere.


  • Water temperature 30 degrees Celsius or lower.

  • Neutral detergent

  • Minimize friction

  • Dry flat in shade

  • Ironing is also possible

Water temperature 30 degrees or lower

Generally, it is said that the higher the water temperature, the easier it is to remove dirt, but may not be suitable for delicate clothing because it can damage the fiber. For cashmere, the optimum temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, where the effects of detergent ingredients are likely to appear, and at most around 30 degrees Celsius. Even in summer and winter, the water temperature should be about the same as the air-conditioned room temperature.

Neutral detergent

Commercial laundry detergents are mainly neutral or weakly alkaline. Weak alkalinity has excellent detergency, but it also has a greater effect on fibers. For cashmere, use a mild detergent to minimize damage to color and texture.
Toyoboshi original cashmere shampoo is a neutral detergent that uses a naturally-derived surfactant, and is designed to clean sweat and sebum stains with good foam while maintaining the texture of cashmere.

Minimize friction

Cashmere with scale causes entanglement due to friction and causes pilling and shrinkage. When washing, rubbing and rubbing should be kept to a minimum. It is recommended to lightly press and wash.
Do not twist or squeeze when removing water.
You can also use the spin function of the washing machine with centrifugal force. Put them in the laundry net one by one and spin them in a short time of about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Dry flat in shade

In fact, how to dry is just as important as how to wash. Basically, it should be dry flat in shade. If you hang it on a hanger, it will stretch vertically due to the weight of water, and the shoulders will easily lose its shape, so avoid it. Use flat-drying nets and washing pads to dry the clothes so that air and wind can pass through the back of the clothes.
Do NOT tumble dry! 

Ironing is also possible

Wrinkles and net marks may remain after it dries. Some people may not be accustomed to ironing knits, but if you use steam and apply them properly, you can shape them neatly.
Set the temperature on the washing label tag (usually medium temperature) and using steam, move the iron quickly so that it floats slightly. Do not press it hard or for a long time.



* Please check the washing label on each product to see if it can be washed with water.
(The washing label may not be sewn on small items such as gloves. If you do not know the washing label on our products, please contact us by email.)

If you're not sure about washing or ironing at home, leave it to a reputable dry cleaner.




Toyoboshi original cashmere brush & shampoo special set

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Click here for brushing tips

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