Double Masking with Knit Silk Mask


Double mask for cold protection and moisturizing

It seems that the daily life of wearing a face mask will continue.
A surgical mask is indispensable for infectious disease control, but a double mask with a silk mask is also useful for cold weather and skin protection.

Here's a summary of how to double-mask with silk masks.

1) Cold protection - Wear on the "top" of the surgical mask

This winter seems to be very cold all over the country.
When I walk outside at night, my nose and mouth get cold, and even if I pull up my scarf, it slips off after a short walk. So I put a silk mask on top of my surgical mask, which I hadn't used during the summer, and it became much warmer, partly because the silk mask itself is double-layered. The gap between the surgical mask and my face can also be controlled by covering it with the silk mask, improving infection control.

2) Moisturizing - Wear under the surgical mask

If you wear a surgical mask every day, itching and redness may occur in people with sensitive skin and when the air becomes extremely dry. It seems that the main cause is friction with the surgical mask, but the highly moisturizing and hypoallergenic silk mask can also be used as a "cushion" between the surgical mask and the skin. The soft silk texture is gentle on the skin and reduces rough irritation.
It can also be used as a bedtime mask to protect your sleeping skin and throat from dryness.

* Should this irritate your skin and cause severe symptoms, or if you feel stuffy, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor as necessary.


Unlike surgical masks, they are not disposable and can be a hassle to wash, but once you get used to them, it's surprisingly easy.

How to wash, one example

  • Lightly press and wash with a neutral detergent. You may leave it soaked with the detergent for a while in a small bucket.
  • After washing thoroughly so that the detergent spreads over the entire mask, rinse with plenty of water to remove the detergent.
  • Lightly squeeze and remove as much water as possible with a towel.
  • Dry in the shade while smoothing out the wrinkles by hand. (Since the mask is small, it's okay to hang it.)
  • It takes only a few minutes if there is no noticeable dirt. You can wash it in the kitchen sink before taking a rest and hang it in the bar, it usually dries overnight.



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