Staff Comments # 8

スタッフ着用レポート #6  12/17追加

Staff Comments # 8

Report # 8

item: PIARA cashmere NEW CLASSIC turtleneck pullover
SKU: TBOS-2102
Color: Gray 
Size: L

 ・ Has worn 5 times ~

  • The first thing I felt and noticed when I sleeved up the clothes
    Nice and soft texture. The smooth and moist feeling is comfortable.
  • What I liked about it when I tried it on
    Not too thick, not too thin, easy to wear. The neck is not too tight and fits just right. The sleeves are long enough to cover the back of your hands and are warm, and if you're worried about them being too long, you can raise them up a bit.
  • Size and concerns
    Rather loose fit. The length of the dress and sleeves are also a bit long, making it easy to match with pants.
    I usually wear a size large, so I bought a size large, but if you want to wear it tighter, a size medium may be fine.
  • Mainly used in the following situations
    Commuting, work, private. I think it can be worn in a wide range of situations if you choose the right bottoms to match.
  • How to wash
    Hand wash
    Uses a neutral detergent. I hung it on multiple rods indoors and dried it.
  • What I paid attention to when I washed it
    I didn't have to worry at all about washing PIARA, because it washes and dries as usual and returns to almost its original state. You can wear it as it is without ironing, but it will look even better if you iron the ribs a little.
Overall feeling after wearing

Some fluffing after long hours of work



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