Knit pile for grown-ups


To begin with, pile fabric is a fabric that is knitted with loops of fibres or yarns that stand up from the base fabric. A typical item of "pile fabric" is a cotton-lined sweatshirt, which is more of a casual item for younger people and may have been associated with loungewear for adults.

This season, by knitting with TOYOBOSHI's high quality wool, we were able to create a pile that has been upgraded to a stage where it can be worn on the go. It is less stiff and lighter than it looks, making it easy to layer.

We have knitted three designs with 30 count wool twisted yarn on the front and single yarn on the back to form a pile. The double-structure knitting fabric is thick and firm, yet light and spongy. The fine pile on the reverse side touches the skin gently, but keeps you warm.

Unlike cotton pile, knit pile knitting is still rare in Japan, and you can enjoy the change in texture according to your lifestyle.


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CHESS wool pile knit pullover


CHESS Wool Pile Knitting Hoody

CHESS wool pile knitting pants

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