Staff Comments # 6 & # 7

スタッフ着用レポート #7 & #8

Staff Comments

Report # 6

item: AMANDA cashmere dress
SKU: CASI-2119
Color: White 
Size: L

 ・ Has worn 5 times ~

  • The first thing I felt / noticed through my clothes through my sleeves
    At first glance, it looked thin, but it was firmer than I expected, and it was as warm as a normal thickness sweater, and I realized how warm cashmere knit cab be.
  • What I liked about it when I wore it
    It keeps you warm even when the wind blows, and it's convenient to go out in just one piece without having to wear an outer layer unless it's extremely cold.
  • Size and concerns
    Designed to be worn loosely. The slits make it easy to walk in. Since it is white, I wear it with care, being careful not to get it dirty.
  • Mainly used in the following situations
    Commuting, work, shopping, travel.
  • How to wash
    Hand wash (push wash)
    Use cashmere shampoo.
  • What I paid attention to when I washed it.
    Because the dress is long, it may stretch under the weight, so I placed it in a net and dried it flat. It feels softer with cashmere shampoo.
After washing, lightly ironed.



Report # 7



item: CHESS wool garter knit cardigan

Color: Worn item is camel
Size: One Size

 ・ Has worn 5 times ~

  • The first thing I felt and noticed after wearing the clothes
    The most notable point is the lightness. It is very comfortable to wear without feeling constricting.
  • What I liked about it when I wore it
    It was warm when I wore it, but not too hot and was comfortable even in a heated room. There were almost no wrinkles after wearing it, although I didn't pay attention to them. I think it is also convenient to carry around, as I can quickly put it in my bag.
  • Mainly used in the following situations
    It's useful because I can quickly wear it on in various situations, both indoors and outdoors, to adjust the temperature.
Before wearing

Lightly smoothed wrinkles after washing



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