Staff Comments #4 & #5

スタッフ着用レポート #4 & #5

Staff Comments

Report #4

Item: OLBIA cashmere blend relaxed fit pullover
SKU: CASI-2136
Color: Black
Size: 4

Have worn 10 times or so

  • The first thing you felt/noticed when you sleeved the clothes
    The first thing I felt/noticed when I put on the dress was "it's just so light".

  • What I liked about it when I wore it
    It is lighter than it looks, and I could wear it without stress without feeling any prickly feeling.

  • Size and comfort
    The raglan sleeves made it easy to move around in, and the voluminous neck accentuated the coordination.

  • Main occasions and situations where I wore it
    I wore it to work and with a jacket.

  • What else did you feel
    As I did a lot of packing work at the exhibition, it seemed to rub my arms and armpits, and I got a little pilling, but I was able to remove it almost completely with a cashmere brush. (This may have been due to the fact that I wore it in a "careless" way, like wearing a T-shirt.)
After worn more than 10 times

Some fuzziness after working for a long time

Report #5

Item: CLARIS Cashmere Single Yarn Turtleneck Pullover

The actual item worn is
The CLARIS Cashmere Single Yarn Crew Neck Pullover (same knitting and fabric as the turtleneck)
to be released soon. Color: Pink Melange
Size: One Size

Have worn 5 times or so

  • The first thing I felt and noticed when I sleeved the dress
     It looked small, but when I put it on, it didn't bother me and I could wear it comfortably.

  • What I liked about it when I wore it
    It was very comfortable to wear, and the warmth at such a thin weight was beyond my expectations.

  • What I like about the size and fit
    The yarn is delicate, so I had to be careful not to scratch it. I didn't mind the skewing of the single yarn.

  • Occasions and situations in which I wore it
    For going out and staying overnight. It's also convenient to carry around.

  • Washing method
    Used detergent and fabric softener.

  • What I paid attention to when I washed it
    The yarn is thin, so I washed it gently.
    But I was a little more careful than usual.

  • After washing
    It wrinkled and looked a little smaller, but when I stretched it out by hand, it came back to its original size.
    I was able to stretch out the wrinkles nicely with a steam iron.

    Before wearing

    After washing and lightly ironed
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