Message from the Designers

Message from the Designers

Casimico 2021 Autumn & Winter

Toyoboshi's original brand Casimico. We introduce new knitwear every season using our own high quality yarn. Two designers were in charge of planning this season. 


Designer MU

The 2021AW collection has a relaxed and elegant mood and pays attention to the details. The concept is the beauty of the stiches and the feel and comfort that enrich the wearer's daily life.

Designer J ・ T

Now that we can feel that the times are changing, we try to remove the barriers such as gender and habits, and thought about the lineup with the aim of creating a fashion that the wearer can enjoy comfortably. While being conscious of trends and standards, it is a free-form outfit that is not bound by "categories".

21AW collection
More to Come!
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