Toyoboshi Cashmere PIARA New Classic

東洋紡糸カシミヤ PIARA 新定番 New Classic
Coming this fall!
The Long awaited product

PIARA is a gem of Toyoboshi yarns made from high-quality cashmere raw wool, using the technology accumulated over many years and the time-consuming but sophisticated manufacturing method. It is the oldest of Toyoboshi cashmere and has enthusiastic fans inside and outside. The beauty of the knitted stitches, the smooth and soft texture, and the durability that can be used for many years, truly a world first-class product.
In collaboration with a "knit engineer" who knows all about "knitting", we have realized a design that is authentic and adds a sense of trend and functionality. It is an item that you can touch the essence of cashmere knit.
The first of this season is ladies' 2 types, 3 colors each.

Products to be sold
PIARA 100% Cashmere New Classic Crew Neck Pullover
PIARA 100% Cashmere New Classic Turtleneck Pullover

Ladies M, L

Crew neck: Greysh beige, gray, Light blue
Turtleneck: Black, Gray, White

In the future, we would like to work with our customers to create this new standard item while reflecting the opinions received from everyone.
More information will be posted on the newsletter and shop top page later.

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