MAYUCA® Staff Report # 3 & Customer Review Comments Wanted!

MAYUCA®スタッフレポート#3 & お客様のレビューコメント募集! 

MAYUCA® Staff Report

Report # 3

item: MAYUCA® Silk V-neck cardigan
SKU: CASI-2102
Color: navy 
Size: 2


・ Wearing frequency: About 10 times
・ Number of washings: 1 time

  • The first thing I felt / noticed through the sleeves of my clothes
I wore it even over clothes made of fleece material.
I'm glad I didn't feel particularly muffled.

  • Points that I felt good to wear
Although it was thin, it was warm and was just right on a chilly day.

  • A feeling of size and comfort
nothing special.

  • Mainly worn scenes / situations
When working from home, as a room wear

  • How to wash
Hand wash (push wash)
  Fashionable detergentAnd use fabric softener.

  • Things to be careful when washing
I was careful not to rub it.

  • Drying method
After dehydration in a washing machine for a few minutes, it was hung on a flat-drying hanger.
(I didn't go outside, but the windows were open and the weather was nice)

  • Points of concern after washing
There were some wrinkles, but not so many. I feel that the hem and sleeves are slightly twisted.
When I dried it, I felt that a part of the inside was fluffy (washing doesn't seem to matter. From wearing?)

  • Other than the above questions, what I felt and what I was worried about
There is not much discoloration after drying, but the color of the water changed slightly to the color of the product during washing *.
* MAYUCA® is washable, but the color may transfer slightly to the water during washing (especially the first few times). Please be sure to wash one by one.

Please send us your thoughts on MAYUCA®!

MAYUCA®We are looking for comments from our customers.
MAYUCA® is a relatively new material for Toyobo. We would like to make use of your voice in the future. We would appreciate it if you could give us your impression of the actual wear.

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If you have purchased a monitor, please send us an image and your impressions by email ( by the end of June.

Image (Please give me one or more)

  • Wearing image
  • Coordinated image
  • Image image
When posting the image on the site, the face part will be cut. You can cut it in advance.

Questions you would like to answer

(If there is nothing that applies to you, such as not being able to wash, please omit it.)
  1. What did you first feel or notice through your clothes through your sleeves?
  2. Is there anything that you feel is good to wear?
  3. Did you have any concerns about the size and comfort?
    (Example) Small shoulder width, etc.
  4. What kind of scene did you wear it mainly?
    (Example) When working from home, wearing on holidays, going to work, etc.
  5. How was it washed?
  6. Is there anything you were careful about when washing?
  7. How did you dry it after washing?
  8. Did you have any concerns after washing your hands?
    (Example) Wrinkles are noticeable after washing, etc.
  9. If you have any feelings or concerns other than the above, please write them down.


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