KHAAS ALASHAN Cashmere V-neck cardigan

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Color: Grey

[ALASHAN cashmere]
The raw wool carded from cashmere goats raised in the Alashan region of China is known for its long pile and fine fibers. The downy hair, which is produced to survive the harsh cold of midwinter in a climate with severe temperature differences, is traded at the highest price in China every year due to its quality and rarity, and is the finest cashmere among cashmere.

In addition to the fineness and smoothness of Worsted yarn, KHAAS is characterized by becoming fluffy and soft as you wear it. The feeling that the hardness in the sharpness is removed and it blends into the skin is similar to the cashmere sweater made of woolen yarn.  We hope you will enjoy the change in texture as you wash with cashmere shampoo.

The light texture produced by high-quality and delicate threads gently wraps your body with luxurious softness in the cold season of spring, on chilly days in the rainy season, on trains in midsummer, and indoors with air conditioning.

Read more about KHAAS

Read more about KHAAS

Color Gray
material 100% cashmere
Yarn count
Thread count
(Number of threads)
1 ply
gauge 18G
thickness Thin
weight* 153g
care Hand washable

* Average value of standard size (M etc.). Think only approx.

Torso image: size S-M


size Length Width Sleeve length AH2** Hem width
One size 66 46 76 24 34


** Please refer to the Sizing page for how to measure the AH armhole width size.

As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent. 

Made In Japan

Alashan is the name of the area of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the good quality cashmere collected from the cashmere goats that live there is called Alashan cashmere.
Severe climatic conditions are known to produce high quality cashmere raw wool, of which Arashan has a typical desert climate, with strong winds and few vegetation. The annual rainfall is only about 100 mm, the maximum temperature in summer reaches 40-42 ° C, and the minimum temperature in winter drops to -30 ° C. The downy hair, which is created to survive the cold of midwinter, has the finest fibers and is white and shiny, and is evaluated as the highest quality cashmere.
 Length: A Width: B Shoulder width: C Sleeve length: D Sleeve length G Hem width: E AH: F AH2: H



Total length: L West: M Hips: N Inseam: P Hem width: O

For small items, in principle, the value is obtained by measuring the distance of a straight line in a flat position.
As this is a knit product, the measured values may differ by a few percent.
Even products of the same type and size may differ slightly depending on the individual.

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