On-season care

With the arrival of full-scale winter, it is the season when sweaters and cardigans are active. cottonTMany people may be worried about how to care for wool and cashmere knitwear, which is difficult to wash every day, unlike shirts. You can wear it cleanly and comfortably with a little effort.
Brushing is the basis of "one effort".

Diligent brushing makes a difference

For brushing
  • Remove deposits such as dirt and dust
  • Untangle and entangle fluff
  • Aligns the flow of fibers and gives them a gloss
There is such an effect.

Do not leave dust

If you wear a sweater for a day, it will take in small particles and pollen floating in the air, other fibers due to contact, etc., and you will get more dust than you imagined. Leaving them alone can cause dirt to deposit and the fibers to deteriorate. It is important to brush and remove as soon as possible.

Untangles fluff and suppresses the generation of pills

Another thing I'm worried about with knitwear is hairballs.(pilling)100% It is difficult to prevent, but it is possible to make it difficult.
How can pills be made in the first place?
  • Friction is the number one cause of pilling.
    Wool and cashmere have cuticles (scale scales) similar to human hair, and when they rub against each other physically, the open cuticles overlap irregularly, causing fluff. When friction is further applied, the fluffs are deeply entwined with each other and change into pills.
  • Brush to loosen the entanglement before the pills form.
    In the "second stage" before becoming pills, brushing the state where fluffs are gathered untangles and entangles and prevents pills from forming.


How to brush

Place the knit in a stable place and use a brush to gently sweep the surface of the knit to remove any deposits. Basically, it sweeps in the direction of the fiber (knitted fabric). After that, brush to prepare the fur on the surface. The thickness of the thread, the type of knitted fabric, and the delicacy differ depending on the product, so adjust the amount of brushing and the alignment of the fur according to each knit.  
Be careful not to rub the knitted fabric too hard.

Toyoboshi's original cashmere brush

Handle part

I used walnut for the handle part. The unique deep brown bark is beautiful and gives a sense of luxury and profoundness. It is a precious wood that not only looks good, but also has a moderate weight and is durable with little deviation even after it is made into a product.
Considering ease of holding and portability, we made it a compact design without a handle. It is easy to adjust the amount of force applied, and you can brush with moderate strength.


The bristles of the brush are soft and fine horsehair. I use the soft mane part of the horse. We chose a well-balanced material that has softness that does not burden the fibers and has sufficient elasticity and elasticity to remove dust and entangle the fibers. Horsehair, which is natural hair, contains oil and water and is less likely to generate static electricity, which is the enemy of cuticles, so damage to the fabric can be suppressed. By combing with an animal hair brush, the cuticles of wool and cashmere are arranged, and the fibers are neatly aligned to create luster.
The length of the hair is24㎜。 20From mm28Up to mm1As a result of trying each mm, we decided on the ease of use and versatility.

* Toyoboshi's cashmere brushes are outsourced to a long-established domestic brush manufacturer.  

Brush cleaning

If hair or dust collects on the brush body, lightly comb it with a commercially available comb to remove it.  

Hairballs that have been made

Unfortunately, there is no choice but to remove the pills that have been created. Lightly cut the surface with scissors or a commercially available fluff remover. Be careful not to puncture the knitted fabric by pulling or pressing it too hard. Removing the pills does not have a significant effect on the knitted fabric, but cutting the same area multiple times can thin the fabric.
We recommend that you take care of yourself before and after wearing it so as not to make pills as much as possible. 


Toyoboshi original cashmere brush & shampoo special set for a limited time

10,120 yen → 9,200 yen 

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